This is the wiki for my D&D campaign, arbitrarily called "Defiance" set in the world of Iyvis. Here's some info about the world of Iyvis where this campaign takes place.




Lore of the world Edit

The majority of the world is a typical medieval high fantasy, with a large amount of known races. However some of the larger areas on the continents are more advanced, mixing magic and science to create an almost "steampunkesque" city with relatively advanced technologies and weaponry. Magic items and unusual races are abundant.

The following information is generally common knowledge in larger towns, although most small villages and hamlets will be unaware of most or will believe it to be simply mythical. Magic is extremely common and understood, except for in these places where it is rare and even scary.

Iyvis has a few customs and such that would be useful to be familiar with as a player. Firstly, each region of land, some small, some large, are presided over by a shaman. These people, often druids or such, will look after the land, sometimes wandering their area and keeping evil at bay, more prominent ones wielding large magical powers. They are appointed by what is presumed to be the planet itself, and as such almost never stray from their responsibilities.

One such responsibility is to safeguard the planet's "Elemental Crystals". Similar to the shamans, each area of land, seemingly random in size, has a number of immensely powerful crystals which power the planet itself, providing life and magical energy to its surroundings. These were prime targets for villains to steal, but eventually were protected by shamans, with help from the Magister's Academy, sealed away in various temples and fortifications. Each crystal is linked to one of the original elements, earth, fire, water and air. However, other's have been sighted but can scarcely be linked to something tangible. These places sometimes contain portals or strike resemblance to the Feywilds.