The Draconic Peacekeepers are an independent faction in the northern section of the continent of Tsoa. Their aim is to protect this part of the continent, primarily from evil, but also from outside forces.

They have a stronghold located near the town of Undas in on this continent, which functions as its own, self contained city. While only small, containing less than 100 people, they are able to survive almost entirely under their own merits. The Draconic Stronghold has its own shops, library, alchemist, stables and other small services, although some of these are only available to the members or trusted allies.

The faction itself is strongly honour bound, its core message being to protect the residents of the area who are otherwise defenceless. Famous for killing huge amounts of dragons in times past, they now mostly protect the area from opposing military forces wishing to take over the area, although this is often done without fighting. They have "Peacekeepers" stationed in most small hamlets nearby, although they are spread quite thin because of this, but their leader refuses to withdraw them.

For smaller jobs or tasks which they deem falls outside their own forces, they are known to hire mercenaries to do jobs for them, but only after putting them through some unknown, rigorous training regimens.

Their leader is Horace Slendragon.