"Dragonborn (also known as Strixiki in Draconic; or Vayemniri, "Ash-Marked Ones", in Tymantheran draconic) were a race of draconic creaturesnative to Abeir, Toril's long-sundered twin. During the Spellplague, dragonborn were transplanted from Abeir to Toril, the majority of them living in the continent of Laerakond in the 15th century DR. In Faerûn, most dragonborn dwelt in the militaristic nation of Tymanther."


Dragonborn are a race as the result of a pact made between humans and dragons in the beginnings of this world by way of the dragon god Tiamat. They are rarely seen on Iyvis due to a war long ago between dragonborn and the elves which wiped out a large number of their kind. After this, remaining dragonborn either set out as explorers and adventurers or settled in mostly human settlements far from elf lands.

As a result of this, they hold no areas of land as a race.

The only remaining commonly seen dragonborn are either red, green, black or silver, though others have been sighted.