"Elves are still pretty standard in 5th edition; graceful, eerie, and beautiful. They get a bonus to Dexterity, have keen senses, are resistant to charms, are immune to sleep, and they go into a trance for a few hours instead of sleeping (D&D 5th Ed)."


Elves are a major race on Iyvis, being seen in almost every corner of the world and claiming huge amounts of land, arguably more than any other race. They hold a deep distrust of some of the rarer races of the world (Aasimar, Genasi and the like), especially Dragonborn, who they warred with long ago, but during the lifetime of a few remaining Elves.

Their cities vary from being secretive and away from other races to being bustling hubs of trade in the centre of the land, Elves are unusual and hard to read or predict.

Mostly hidden away, there have been known to be variations of this race, High Elves mostly remain in their huge towering spires, Wood Elves stick to their sprawling forest cities and Drow, Dark Elves, though rare, are seen across the world, but mostly stick to their underground cities, even occasionally being allowed into dwarven lands, despite large distrust between the two races.

High Elves are split into the more common Sun Elves and lesser seen Moon Elves, though they are mostly cosmetic differences.