Erana Cyrsis is the leader of the Magister's Academy. She is a Half-Elf woman who is 128 years old.


Erana is incredibly intelligent and cunning, and her personality reflects the goals of the Magister's Academy. She's devoted most of her life to the pursuit of knowledge and arcane power. In doing so, she's proved herself to be incredibly powerful, being a sorceress who has also trained in the ways of wizards, owning power akin to a god, compared to lower members of her faction. She is rarely seen by ordinary members of the academy, spending most of her time in the university's vast library, in sections only the very upper ranks of the academy can access.

She is extremely stern and unapologetic, willing to take huge risks, both for herself and others, in order to gain access to more power, and is arguably one of the most powerful leaders on Iyvis. Despite her power, she rarely ventures out to help people in need, even her own faction, as she sees it beneath herself.