"Walking in two worlds but truly belonging to neither, Half-Elves combine the best qualities of their Elf and Human parents: human curiosity, inventiveness, and ambition tempered by the refined senses, love of nature, and artistic tastes of the Elves (D&D 5th Ed)."


Half-Elves are a common race on Iyvis, seen across all the continents. They are the result of both human and elf parents, which isn't uncommon in the larger cities, though elves of the more remote cities are averse to this. They tend to be more aloof than the average Human, but much less so than Elves. Due to their higher standing, they tend to be nobles or upper class members of the societies in which they inhabit.

This is partly due to the Elves ruling a huge amounts of land, and most of those willing to mingle with other races are happy to help Half-Elves due to their heritage. The more secluded Elves however have a strong dislike for Half-Elves, feeling they are impure and such.

Due to their being a small amount of Dark Elves, Half-Drow are extremely rare.