"Big scary bruisers, are harder to kill than other races, and deal much nastier criticals with melee weapons. This effectively makes them the best barbarians in the game, and gives barbarian-like abilities to any other classes. New design eliminates the culturally awkward standard of male orcs forcing themselves on human women, to the point of actually raising the idea that the race could be used for playing a Half-Dwarf, Half-Orc (D&D 5th Ed)."


Half-Orcs are somewhat rare due to Orcs being forced to stay in their own cities far away from civilisation. This is largely in part to the Elves exterminating hordes of them in countless small wars to the point of them being forced to surrender under the power of the combined races put against them. Half-Orcs are generally disliked throughout Iyvis as most come about from a male orc and a female human, often against their wishes.

Half-Orcs themselves are quite a split race, depending on which part of their heritage they admire. Some will hate their Orcish blood and strive to be like humans and to become liked, upset at how they tend to be treated by most common races. Others will embrace this and live their life as an Orc, with mixed results, either praised for their intelligence or ridiculed for their relative weakness, usually the latter.