"Small, cheerful, practical creatures, halflings try to make friends with anybody. They usually don't have any greater goal beyond a simple, pleasant life. They're resistant to fear effects and they can move through spaces occupied by other creatures with ease (D&D 5th Ed)."

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Halflings are a common race on Iyvis, seen almost anywhere humans can be seen. Halflings are almost always happy and cheerful and are often seen as bar tenders in the livelier and more bustling taverns and inns in bigger cities. They tend to settle down somewhere and rarely leave for their entire life, except perhaps for trade or the like, preferring the luxuries of the cities.

However, different varieties of Halfling can often be seen out in the wilderness, notably Lightfoot and Stout Halflings. Ghostwise Halflings are extremely rare on Iyvis, and little is known about them to, most don't even acknowledge their existence.