Horace Slendragon is the leader of the Draconic Peacekeepers faction. He is a 58 year old Human male. He has ruled for over 30 years, inheriting leadership from his father, and him from his father before him, going back hundreds of years.

He is an almost typical "Lawful Good" paladin, obsessed with doing good and helping people. This is to the detriment of his faction, which has next to no influence outside of its small hold on the Tsoa continent. Despite this, the majority of the faction is accepting of his rule and he garners large amounts of respect, as a lot of them share his ideals.

In his younger days, he was the kind of leader to be out in the field, leading the charge, but over the years he did this less and less until the current era where he will only leave his castle if the realm is under large threat, akin to that of a dragon attack, which hasn't happened in over a century.