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The Magister's Academy is an order set up across the continents of Iyvis, whose main goal is to obtain knowledge and control over the various magical artifacts. They have one academy on each continent, with their main university residing on the continent of Riowas. This university is the only place where people are generally accepted into the faction, but most academies will accept anyone showing prior magical prowess.

They operate on a tiered rank system, with more powerful or knowledgeable members being given the chance to increase their rank and influence within the faction. These people are allowed access to the more powerful magical items and the more secretive texts in their vast libraries. Their university in Riowas exudes such a powerful magical aura that it has been used to further the entire city's technology, allowing for contraptions not seen anywhere else on Iyvis.

Each academy building is home to its own powerful magical artifact and is headed by an extremely powerful wizard. The majority of the members are wizards. The academy is reluctant to allow warlocks into their ranks, but will do so if provided with good reason. They are generally accepting of sorcerers, curious as to how their magic links to their own, but the sorcerers themselves tend not to join, finding it to be slow or useless for growing their powers.

They will sometimes take in clerics, paladins and druids, but they are much less interested in their magic, and these classes are unable to climb the ranks of the system, and are usually there simply for the information and the status that comes with being part of this faction.

As a faction, they don't necessarily own huge amounts of land, but the cities in which they are located, Caelumis on Tsoa, Volisgate on Riowas, tbd, are huge bustling cities thanks to their presence. There is no doubt that they hold a large amount of power in this world, even if they don't officially claim any land.

Their leader is Erana Cyrsis.