"HAD A TABAXI COME THROUGH ONCE, A FEW WINTERS back. She kept the taproom packed each night with her stories and spent most days napping in a chair in front of the fireplace. We thought she was lazy, but when Linene came around looking for a missing broach, she was out the door before I could blink an eye"


Tabaxi are an uncommon race on Iyvis, large tribes dotted throughout the continents, but they have no problem settling into larger cities of mixed races. These tribes are often deeply superstitious and base their lives around their gods, with the ones that leave often caring less about the supernatural.

Tabaxi are often seen around large cities throughout the continents, known and often hated for being thieves and assassins. They aren't hated to the point of being barred from cities, but people tend to be wary of them, especially the Aarakocra, with whom they have multiple small wars against, with neither side having a clear winner.