Tsoa is a continent in the world of Iyvis. It is of medium size and is home to most races found in the world.

It is split into two halves, North and South, by a mountain range with only one opening which is guarded with a small outpost called Morthul's Watch, owned by the Dryadalis Empire, a mostly elven faction.


The North of the continent is a strange place for Iyvis, as it is mostly uncontested by the major military factions of the realm. This is partly due to the presence of the Draconic Peacekeepers, whose aim is to protect the land, and the Mage's Academy, which is extremely powerful and influential.

Far to the North West is a large, seemingly endless, unnamed forest, which is where this continent's Aarakocra reside. They have a large city in the far reaches of the forest, Vlosa, which is mostly hidden to the outside world.